I am Keith Miller

Computer Engineer, Rock Climber, and Martial Artist

About Me

I am a junior computer engineering major at UMass Amherst. I hold several officer positions in student organizations such as the UMass IEEE student branch, the UMass Hackathon team, and the UMass ACM Cybersecurity Club. My interests are primarily in software. I am fascinated by computer vision, artificial intelligence, and algorithm design.

Now that we have the necessary business information out of the way, some interesting facts about myself. I have raised pigs, goats, and sheep as pets (I have had the typical dogs and a cat too). I have climbed the Grand Canyon twice and my backpack got eaten by squirrels the first time. I am double jointed in my fingers and loose jointed in my shoulders which is extremely useful when I do Jiu-Jitsu. And lastly, when I bought my Ford Fiesta from the dealer it was the only stick-shift Fiesta available in New England for sale.

Hopefully you enjoyed learning a little bit about me. The rest of this site showcases a few projects that I am working on lately. Feel free to reach out to me over LinkedIn or via email if you have any questions.

Project Riemann:
Calculate the Rainbow

Built using Python and OpenCV, Project Riemann uses computer vision to estimate the number of objects in a container. Project Riemann generates its own dynamic packing coefficients based on configuration pictures that provide greater accuracy than normal, static packing coefficients.


Holeshot is an autonomous drag-racing car. As a Vaterra R/C car modified with an NVIDIA Jetson and an Arduino Uno, Holeshot is capable of drag-racing at speeds up to 40mph.


I am developing a collection of Jupyter Notebooks for teaching Python for the UMass ACM Cybersecurity club. The first workshop was run on 2/18/16.


Shell-Scribe is a developer tool built to provide easier replication of custom configurations that are created using shell commands. Shell-Scribe also has built-in support to create lessons out of shell scripts to allow easier hand-offs to another developer.